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Ann innovative solution combining nutrition and sports activities. MidasCaps.


ABOUT MidasCaps

we are one startup that develop innovative solutions to improves peoples quality of life providing better access to nutrition products and sport practices.


Our Solution MidasCapsule

New disruptive capsule solution, guaranteeing practicality and simplicity of dietary, sports nutrition, juices, shakes and supplementation products, adjusted by proprietary technology of encapsulation to create and support this new form of consumption, promoting health and well-being for all generations. MidasCapsule is able to let the powder package inside flow outside it. It seems one simple solution, but it is very powerful allowing the consuming of one huge possibility of products.  The product is only mixed with water at time of consume, it does not need preservatives or others harmful chemicals. Welcome to a new world of nutrition, welcome to MidasCaps!


Our Solution MidasEngine

MIDASCAPS takes your physical health into account as well. We want to offter great feasibility so you could live a healthy and active life. MidasEngine connects the entire community where you could meet different people, participate and create events and be a part of this sharing economy.


Midascaps Products

If you're trying to find good, sustained energy with solid focus - you've got it! Whether you're trying to find a boost in energy, stamina, performance or healing - MidasCaps Nutrition line has the best product for YOU!


Explain about MidasCapsules

One Innovative piston with flexible tabs is inside the capsule. When the capsule is activated, it breaks the seal guarding the ingredients and helps release the content Patent Requested.


MidasCoin from certification to reward

Blockchain solution protecting and rewarding consumers - using MidasMobile app, scan the hiden QR code minted on each capsule and receive MidasCoin for original capsules. MidasCoin increases consumers purchase power, allowing them to buy capsules and take part in sports events.


Our Team


Octaviano Menezes

CEO & Founder

Keely C. Wilkinson

CSO (Chief Strategy Officer)

Artem Kobrin

Legal Advisor

Rune Rønhave

Product Director and R&D specialist

Alexandre Mota

Investor & Production Specialist

Tapendra Shee

Blockchain Specialist

Lino Maia

Project Consulter

Rasel Mahmud

Frontend Web Developer

Anita Erker

Community Advisor

Azeem Saifi

Editor in Chief

Ahsan Rasheed

Creative Head


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we are one startup that develop innovative solutions to improves peoples quality of life providing better access to nutrition products and sport practices.


Frequency Asked Questions

Good nutrition is an important part of leading a healthy lifestyle. Combined with physical activity, your diet can help you to reach and maintain a high quality of life, increased energy levels, vitality, improed fitness.

There are various types of MidasCaps capules that are specific to each person. Each capsule provides excellent nutrition. They are high in fiber, vitamins, minerals, protein and amino acids, all which contribute to fulfilling adequate and proper nutrition when consumed regularly.

MidasCaps are capsules full of different ingredients - all with high quality, non-oxidized and preservative-free ingredients. The capsule fits into a blender bottle with liquid of choice added or water bottle. The capsule is punctured and the ingredients are released into the liquid for you to then shake until blended and the powder is dissolved for you to drink and enjoy!

The capsules are high in fiber, vitamins, minerals, protein, and amino acids. And in conjunction with a healthy and balanced diet, regular exercise and consistent sleep, MidasCaps have been shown to aid many health benefits. Weight loss, muscle gain, improve recovery after exercise, help with weight maintenance, improve digestion and provide an overall feeling of health and wellness.

When consumed regularly and in conjunction with regular exercise, the vitamins, minerals, protein and amino acids present in MidasCaps may improve your recovery time. The whey protein filled capsules consist of high quality whey and other micronutrients. Consuming high quality whey protein within an hour of exercise is shown to have many health benefits in relation to sports medicine. Whey protein has grown as one of the most popular sports supplements worldwide. From muscle growth and repair to a potentially faster metabolism, it has many health benefits. Consuming whey protein post-workout promotes hypertrophy, reduces recovery time and may help ease muscle soreness after exercise. In the long run, it can also boost physical performance and may even bring you closer to your fitness goals.

Whole juice, proteins, fiber, vitamins, minerals.

The goal is health and convenience. MidasCaps are sealed and single-serving, ready for use capsules full of high quality powders. Depending on your health goals, you can choose which capsule is best for you. MidasCaps capsules are great for travel, easy to keep in gym bag or work bag and are an alternative to a snack during the day if you forget any food.

Everyone has different health and fitness goals. For the person who is looking to lose weight to the person who exercises daily and is looking to improve energy levels and recovery time, MIDASCAPS are a great fit for all. Even kids can enjoy MidasCaps as a convenient and high quality nutrition supplement.

Yes. MIDASCAPS are instantly sealed once the powder is added to the capsule. This prevents any oxidization, which is when a food product is exposed to oxygen or simply put, air. Avoiding this process helps to maintain the integrity of the micronutrients present in MIDASCAPS to ensure that you are getting the most healthful product.

Yes. MIDASCAPS are preserved with all natural ingredients instead of harmful chemicals.

Possibly. If you exercise regularly, consume a healthful diet and add MIDASCAPS to your diet, there is a great chance you will see improvements in your overall health and wellness, based on your goals. Since MidasCaps capsules contain essential vitamins and minerals and high quality protein, your overall health and wellness will be improved just from consuming them alone.

Yes. It is again imperative to use MidasCaps capsules in conjunction with a healthy and balanced diet with exercise. This will ensure that all health benefits are attained and if weight loss is a goal.

Convenience, quality of product, Certify of Origin (using blockchain) are a few of the reasons to choose MidasCaps capsules over any other health powder. The convenience alone of knowing that you will not have a mess using MidasCaps capsules is a great reason to use. Also, capsules are much more practicle to carry with you when working or traeling to ensure that you drink your health shake. MidasCaps also helps with energy and motiation to get you out to pratice sports and others activities.